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PTS Winners

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2007 Winner


Saints 2007 Season

The Saints finished with a poor 7-9 record after making it to the 2006 NFC Championship game.

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2008 Winner


Saints 2008 Season

The Saints finished 2008 with another disappointment of a record. 8-8 on the season marred with injuries and missed opportunities.

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2009 Winner

Saints & Devils

Saints 2009 Season

2009 was the pinnacle season for both the Saints organization and their faithful Who Dats. 13-3 record finished off with a Super Bowl XLIV victory!

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2010 Winner


Saints 2010 Season

The Saints amassed a 11-5 record in 2010 despite being reigning Super Bowl champs. However, the team laid a real egg in the playoff game versus the Seahawks.

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2011 Winner


Saints 2011 Season

The Saints came back strong with a 13-3 record and recorded one of the best offensive performances in NFL history. A myriad of poor defensive plays against the San Francisco 49ers prevented a return to the NFC Championship game.

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2012 Winner


Saints 2012 Season

2012 started with the Bountygate fiasco and the Saints finished 7-9 in one of the worst seasons in memory's past.

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2013 Winner


Saints 2013 Season

The Saints finished 11-5 after the BS year of 2012 ended with Bountygate. The Saints are yet again bounced from the playoffs by the Seahawks.

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2014 Winner

soupcan dan

Saints 2014 Season

The Saints lost some of their firepower and ended the season 7-9. A lot of games ended with close losses and a lot of disappointment.

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2015 Winner

Hanau Eepe Saint

Saints 2015 Season

The Saints finished with another disappointing 7-9 record. There were some injuries but there are no excuses for some of the losses that took place.

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2016 Winner


Saints 2016 Season

A 3rd straight 7-9 season and we still have the same head coach? Yes, we were asking some of those questions as well.

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2017 Winner

soupcan dan

Saints 2017 Season

The Saints finished 11-5 and made the playoffs after a 3 year drought. The Saints missed the NFC Championship game by one play and were ousted out of the playoffs.

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2018 Winner


Saints 2018 Season

The Saints completed a magical 13-3 season. The Saints season was ended on one of the most foul non-calls ever witnessed in pro football. *cry*

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2019 Winner


Saints 2019 Season

The Saints again completed a magical 13-3 season. Unfortunately, the Saints ended the season on another loss to the Vikings.

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2020 Winner

Noble Saint

Saints 2019 Season

In a pandemic year, the Saints were able to persevere and get to a 12-4 record. They entered as the #2 seed. Beat the Bears with defense and laid an absolute egg against Tampa Bay. Drew Brees rides off into the sunset!

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2021 Winner


Saints 2021 Season

In a year plagues again by COVID outages and really inconsistent play on the offensive side of the ball, the Saints were left out of the playoff race. Turns out, Sean Payton was the one to ride off in the sunset this year.